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Winston was born in Caracas, Venezuela on December 22th 1998, he started in magic when he was 9 years old, after seeing a magician on TV it became his dream to be an illusionist. He studied from a child to a teenager in the famous magic shop in Caracas “La casa Mágica”  then he began to study with the Venezuelan magician Ernesto Melero.

Winston has been performing around 15  years mixing different art  branches such as clown, theater, juggling and comedy to create performances full of emotion and astonishment. Fuenmayor has lectured and  performed around 20 countries and 3 continents.



Cígaro is a dramatic magic act which mixes theater, contemporary dance and magic creating an emotional act about a character locked in prison fighting with his cigarettes vice.

TOUR 2024

1ST Of janury to 23 of january – Impossivel Ao Vivo, Portugal

15 to 18 of February, Blackpool Magic convention 2024

March 27 to April 28 Cirque Bouffon 2024 –  Hannover

May 8 to June 2nd Cirque Bouffon Bielefeld

June 12 to July 07 Cirque Bouffon Wiesbaden, Mainz-Kastel

August 5th to 11th – China Magic Festival

August 25th to September 8th Aarhus Festuge Show,  Denmark

September 20 to October 10 Cirque Bouffon, Hamburg

November 6th to December 20th – Station X, Switzerland

December 27th to January 3rd – Magic Show, Germany, Munich

Tour 2025

February 12th – 16th  Flasoma Cali 2025 


Behind the Scenes of my performance in Blackpool!

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